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Data presentation can be beautiful, elegant and descriptive. There is a variety of conventional ways to visualize data – tables, histograms, pie charts and bar graphs are being used every day, in every project and on every possible occasion. However, to convey a message to your readers effectively, sometimes you need more than just a simple pie chart of your results. In fact, there are much better, profound, creative and absolutely fascinating ways to visualize data.

Software and Online Services

triomis data pilot is software and online services that enables you to create simple maps from your business data. It transfers your data into meaningful information displayed on maps while providing access to your online data or data which is stored on premise. triomis data pilot is built on the Microsoft platform, enabling your organizations to visulize your data using Silverlight, WPF, SharePoint, SQL Server and Access. These maps help uncover trends and patterns in your data, leading to intelligent decision making. You are able to host the Web in your local infrastructure or you can use Windows Azure to bring the application in the cloud. It’s your choice!

Saves your Investment

So triomis data pilot works with your existing Microsoft infrastructure. The Data Service plugs into your Microsoft IIS to create connections to your SQL Server or Access databases and deliver highly interactive maps through SharePoint, Silverlight Web-based applications, as Slate App or as Windows Phone 7 App with sophisticated touch screen support to drill in your visualization. The service is able to connect to your local database or your cloud based database like SQL Azure.

triomis data pilot Data Configurator

A simple administration utility that helps you to discover and prepare data stored in SQL Server or Access so it can be displayed and used in a geographic context. It enriches your data with facts which will be displayed on the map like color, shapes, pictograms and legends.

triomis data pilot Data Service

A Web service that runs in an IIS and allows Web clients to read spatial data from SQL Server or Access using simple SOAP requests.

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