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triomis biblios-it is a forward-looking school library solution based on the latest Microsoft Internet technologies . The solution is deployed and centrally managed on the Windows Azure platform. The user is able to access the library system with his Web browser and his internet connection .

Cost efficiency

The schools save money on hardware and administration. The software runs on a central server and must be maintained and administered only there. The computing power is provided in the Microsoft data centers .
As workstation less powerful and less expensive PCs are needed .


You can work with triomis biblios-i wherever you have Internet access. Both in the learning center, library and through the smooth integration of home offices.


Certificate-based encryption technology and a role-based access rights protect triomis biblios-it from unauthorized access


By using ASP.Net technology and CSS you can adapt the look and feel to individual customer requirements.


A simple, modern and intuitive user interface requires only minimal training and enables students, teachers and librarians a quick use of the system .

Following functions are available in triomis biblios-it

  • Efficient work at the desk with barcodes
  • Loan, extension of the deadline, reservations, cancellations
  • Catalog

  • Autocorrect functions for uniform data collection, duplicate check
  • Keywords and interest
  • Automatic book signature
  • Quick search on most important fields
  • Clear result lists with selectable sorting
  • Online Functions

  • Online research for readers around the clock
  • Online reservations
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Visually customizable interface
  • Unlimited number of users
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  • Windows Azure
  • triomis biblios in the cloud
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