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Since the beginning of the use of SharePoint technologies are constantly requirement regarding the "look and feel of SharePoint sites defined. Instead of using standard SharePoint sites, companies often want to create unique websites. Whether you use SharePoint to create the websites of your company or an intranet environment with hundreds of Web sites for team collaboration, there is often the desire, the visual aspects of SharePoint sites to adapt. Branding gives users of a SharePoint site or SharePoint intranet site the strongest visual cue regarding the purpose of the application. Branding involves working with various artifacts such as master pages, content pages, page layouts, site definitions and CSS. If branding goes beyond the customization of colors and images, it quickly reached a level of complexity and difficulty that requires the engagement of an expert. Advantages of using triomis brand-it The biggest advantages are price and ease of use: You get a high quality design for a portion of the price that would cost a designer to implement the company's CI. Another advantage is the saving of time: it usually takes 5-15 days for a good designer to implement a SharePoint site with high quality. Through the use of our templates, master pages, CSS and themes projects can be implemented very quickly. What do you get when you use triomis brand-it? After the implementation of the project you get master page, page layouts, CSS and the necessary images (JPG), and a set of adapters that affect the layout of Web Parts. The template can be assigned as a master page to your existing SharePoint site or subsite and covers the major types of sites, such as the collaboration portal, publishing portal and team sites. You can customize the delivered SharePoint design template to your needs with SharePoint Designer. You should have some knowledge of master pages, HTML and CSS. To change the graphics a graphics editor is required. We can also customize the template to your specifications. Ask for a quote. Gladly we also use your existing CI for your intranet or website. Further support We not only offer the branding of your SharePoint site. We also help you to install the SharePoint design templates. With help of our SharePoint implementation service we assist you in implementing your very own SharePoint projects. These may be projects to improve collaboration in your business, web sites, enterprise search or the implementation of business processes using SharePoint workflow. Talk to us.

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