triomis vat calculator for Dynamics CRM 2011

triomis vat calculator for Dynamics CRM 2011


Automatic VAT calculation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

The free add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 allows an automatic calculation of the sales tax in Microsoft CRM 2011 forms. The CRM solution installs some additional entities and fields for the tax keys and plug-ins in your CRM, which do the automatic calculation.

The solution has successfully passed the Microsoft CfMD certification process and thus meets the highest quality and safety standards.

Register and download

Register here for free download. After registering, you will receive the necessary registration key for the setup by e-mail. Please enter a valid company email address and specify your company. Use of VatCalculator is free. You only need to confirm its use as a reference.

You will find the Dynamics Account Number in CustomerSource, the portal for Micorosft Dynamics customers. Please fill up all requested numbers with leading zeros.

Feel free to support us with a small donation for support and further development for this usefull CRM extension.



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